Become a Minxx Escort

There are Recruitment requirements that we ask to ensure that our agency maintains its reputation, although being a Minxx Escort has a lot of advantages! Our Escorts will need to be attractive with a terrific figure. We ask for as much as a dress size 12, with a smile and obviously a personality. Be well-groomed and well-dressed, to provide our customers time and expertise. Minxx girls seem beautiful and classy! Working for service is all about customer satisfaction, therefore we ask in holding yourself in many situations that you’re dependable, flexible and confident. Part of this Minxx charm is being able to wow your customers with looks that are stunning and conversation! Good English skills are a necessity, although we love women of all nationalities, and so do our customers.

Recruitment​Minxx Girl Prerequisites

  • Female
  • 18+
  • Confident, dependable and attractive
  • Eligible to work in Britain